Villas Colle Val d`Elsa - Villas in Colle Val d`Elsa for vacation rentals
Villas in Colle Val d`Elsa for vacation rentals

After showing our villas in San Gimignano and the villas in Monteriggioni , on this page we offer our villas in Colle Val d`Elsa.

Colle Val d`Elsa is one of those towns that really needs to be visited. It is located in the province of Siena near the rive Elsa and in a strategic position to reach Siena, Florence, Volterra and San Gimignano.

Passing through the huge Porta Nuova with its circular towers you enter into the town and can admire the buildings of the old San Lorenzo hospital and the old San Pietro conservatory which today is a museum. Continue walking among medieval palaces and old churches, you reach the famous Ponte del Campana which connects the town with the Castle of Colle Val d`Elsa, the Piticciano Castle. Very suggestive is the street Via del Castello near Palazzo Campana.

In Piazza Duomo we find the Cathedral, the San Salvatore Church, the Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo del Comune. We suggest you to enter into the Cathedral and admire the works of art dating back to the 1500 and 1600 and the two 18th-century chapels and the crypta.

Among the events in Colle Val d`Elsa we would like to mention the craft show called `Cristallo fra le mura` (Crystal among walls) in September where you can see the artisans who create their works combining crystal glass with gold. Also in September, the event `LiberaCollArte` with artists performing in the lower part of town.
For lovers of motorcycles, Motocavalcata Colle Val d`Elsa-Follonica is a key event.

Among the typical products in Colle Val d`Elsa we remind you the the town is known as `cittΰ del vino` (wine town) due to its production of Chianti Colli Senesi, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Vin Santo. In addition, the area is famous for `cinta senese`. But of course the main product in Colle Val d`Elsa are the objects made of crystal: 95% of Italian Crystal is produced in Colle Val d`Elsa.

Select one of our Villas in Colle Val d`Elsa for your next vacation in Tuscany. Below, our best picks.

Villa with pool in Valdelsa, in Colle Val d`Elsa (Siena). Sleeps 15, garden, swimming pool with whirlpool area, Internet connection, small gym, children`s playground. Tennis club, golf club and riding stable nearby.
7 days: min: 1950 € - max: 2700 €
Ancient and beautiful farmhouse between Florence and Siena, near San Gimignano and Colle Val d'Elsa. Sleeps 20, swimming pool, Internet connection, barbecue. Tennis club, riding stable and golf club nearby.
7 days: min: 2125 € - max: 3125 €
Villa for vacation rentals in Siena countryside. 4+2 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool.
7 days: min: 1016 € - max: 1544 €
Ancient church transformed into an elegant villa with 6 sleeping accommodations. The villa is situated in Valdelsa, close to San Gimignano (Siena). Swimming pool, air conditionig.
7 days: min: 1000 € - max: 2300 €
Exclusive luxury villa with swimming pool near San Gimignano, in Valdelsa, between Florence and Siena. 10 sleeping accommodations, satellite TV, air conditioning, barbecue, Internet connection.
7 days: min: 4000 € - max: 5650 €
Luxury villa with breathtaking view over Siena. 10+2 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, satellite TV.
7 days: min: 3190 € - max: 4665 €
Ancient luxury villa in Valdelsa, in Colle Val d`Elsa (Siena). Sleeps 14, wide garden, swimming pool, solarium area, Internet connection. Tennis courts and golf club within a few kilometres. Wonderful view over the Tuscan countryside.
7 days: min: 4700 € - max: 7000 €
Beautifully renovated house (formerly a barn) dating from the early 20th century near Poggibonsi and San Gimignano (Siena), in Valdelsa. Sleeps 4+1, swimming pool, barbecue, Internet connection, air conditioning, whirlpool facilities.
7 days: min: 1215 € - max: 2025 €
Elegant luxury villa in Certaldo (Florence), in Empoli countryside. Sleeps 15, wide garden, swimming pool, Internet connection, barbecue, air conditioning. Tennis club and riding stable within a few kilometres. Possibility of purchasing the wine and olive oli produced in the farm.
7 days: min: 1695 € - max: 6670 €
Elegant villa (ex 19th-century farmhouse) near Volterra and San Gimignano in Val di Cecina, between Pisa and Livorno. Panoramic position. Garden and swimming pool. Dependance with kitchen and barbecue. Air conditioning, Internet WI-FI Connection. 8+3 beds.
7 days: min: 3690 € - max: 6750 €
Holiday villa for rent a few kilometres from San Gimignano, in Valdesa counryside, between Florence and Siena. 8 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, Internet connection. Air conditioning in the bedrooms of the villa.
7 days: min: 1733 € - max: 3335 €
Elegant luxury villa in Barberino Val d`Elsa (Florence), in the Chianti Classico region. Sleeps 10, swimming pool, air conditioning, Internet connection. Riding stable in the neighbourhood.
7 days: min: 3500 € - max: 6900 €
Villa situated in an ancient 8th-century burg already existing in Charlemagne`s times near San Gimignano (Siena), in Valdelsa. Sleeps 28, wide garden, swimming pool, sauna, Internet connection, air conditioning, hydromassage. Golf club, riding stable and tennis courts nearby.
7 days: min: 7300 € - max: 17400 €
Luxury villa in San Miniato, in the Tuscan countryside between Pisa and Florence, in Lower Valdarno. 14 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, satellite TV, cooking school, barbecue, air conditioning.
7 days: min: 5545 € - max: 6600 €
Luxury villa in Volterra, in Val di Cecina, between Pisa and Siena. 9+2 sleeping accommodations, two swimming pools (one with hydromassage system), air conditioning, barbecue, satellite TV. Small animals admitted.
7 days: min: 1405 € - max: 3575 €
Elegant Liberty sytle 19th-century villa situated in a small medieval village near Volterra, between Pisa and Livorno. Panoramic view over the vineyards, olive groves and countryside of Valdera. Sleeps 10+3, wide garden, swimming pool with whirlpool area, Internet connection, air conditioning, children`s toys. Golf club, riding stable, tennis club and spas nearby.
7 days: min: 3500 € - max: 6450 €
Villa with swimming pool in Casole d`Elsa (Siena), in Valdelsa countryside. 8 sleeping accommodations.
7 days: min: 1760 € - max: 2785 €
Villa in Radicondoli, in Valdelsa countryside, near Siena. 10+2 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool, barbecue, satellite TV, Internet connection.
7 days: min: 1990 € - max: 3150 €
Elegant villa (in the past an aristocratic residence) in Valdelsa, in Monteriggioni (Siena). Sleeps 14, park, swimming pool, air conditioning, Internet connection, panoramic terrace. Possibilty of organising dinners at the property.
7 days: min: 3640 € - max: 6440 €
Villa in Colle Val d`Elsa ( Siena ), in Valdelsa. Sleeps 12+2, swimming pool, garden, barbecue equipment, toys for children, Internet connection. Just a few kilometres from San Gimignano.
7 days: min: 1850 € - max: 2590 €
Luxurious villa (ex farmhouse) in Valdelsa, near the historical village of Casole d`Elsa, in the province of Siena. Sleeps 11/12. Swimming pool, satellite TV, hydromassage, barbecue, Internet connection. Possibility of organising tastings, visits to nearby wineries, cooking lessons and horseback rides.
7 days: min: 1105 € - max: 3130 €
Welcoming country house on the hills of Chianti, near Certaldo (Florence) and San Gimignano (Siena). Sleeps 6, swimming pool, Internet connection.
7 days: min: 1240 € - max: 2280 €