Tuscany Villas to Rent - Villas for vacation rentals in Tuscany for typologies
Villas for vacation rentals in Tuscany for typologies

In this section our Agency, specialized in the rent of villas in Tuscany, offers to tourists the possibility to examine our villas by typology: luxury villas, villas with swimming pool, apartments in villa, ancient restored farmhouses in elegant villas in the countryside ...

Tuscany has various beautiful ancient villas located in ancient historical buildings or in fascinating medieval castles. Usually, in the rental price of these villas the cuisine service is included, so you have the possibility to taste the good Tuscan cuisine. Normally, this kind of villas are in the historical biggest cities of Tuscany (Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Pisa, Lucca), they are rarely along the Tuscan coasts.

Besides, Tuscan hills are full of ancient castles built in the Middle Age on the hills top, in a dominant position. Many of these castles have been transformed in luxury hotels while others have been restored from the owners, furnished with old furniture and transformed in fantastic luxury villas with wonderful landscapes on the surrounding valleys.

Have a look of our website and you will surely find the perfect luxury villa for your next vacations in Tuscany ...... luxury villas in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous all over the world for its artistic heritage and for its wonderful landscapes offered by its countryside. The countryside in Tuscany strikes people also for its fascinating ancient farmhouses.

In Tuscany, which was called “the barn of Etruria” in the past, agriculture has always had an important place. However, unlike latifundiums typical of the South of Italy and cultivated by farm laborers, in Tuscany dominated the sharecropping: to the farmer families who cultivated fields, the sharecropper gave part of the crop, the necessary tools and a farmhouse.

Today, many of these old farmhouses have been transformed by their owners in fascinating villas with swimming pool. In our website you will find a wide range of private villas with swimming pool where farmer families lived long time ago ....... villas with swimming pool in Tuscany

An economic option to the rent of a villa may be the rent of an apartment in villa

Many owners have divided their villas in apartments and offer to tourists the possibility to rent only a part of the villa. Therefore, tourists can rent one apartment or more with more economic prices.

Sometimes, the owners offer the private use of the villa and the swimming pool even if the tourist has rent only one apartment.

On the contrary, sometimes the partial rent of one apartment or more of the same villa implies to share the swimming pool and the common spaces with other families ........ apartments in villa in Tuscany