Villas in Valdinievole - Villas in Valdinievole as holiday rentals in Tuscany
Villas in Valdinievole as holiday rentals in Tuscany

If you love thermal waters and amusement parks, you have no chance to miss: choose one of our villas in Valdinievole! Between Florence and the coastline, one of our villas in Valdinievole is certainly the right choice for your next holiday in Tuscany.

The Valdinievole is found mainly in the province of Pistoia between the provinces of Prato and Lucca. Florence is easily accessible as well as the coast of Tuscany known as Versilia. But the beauty and activities that you can do in Valdinievole are so interesting that you will not want to leave! First of all, if you love the spa, let yourself be pampered in the spas of Montecatini Terme and Monsummano Terme. Then visit the ancient fortified medieval villages of Montecatini Alto and Monsummano Alto. And for children, the amusement park of Pinocchio in Collodi where the fairy tale becomes reality! And if you love flowers and plants, do not miss a visit to the many greenhouses and nurseries in this area. 

During your holidays in Valdinievole do not miss the many events organized by municipalities and churches to cheer the visitors and local residents. Among the events in Valdinievole that may interest you, we nominate the Feast of the Holy Crucifix in Cintolese near Monsummano Terme on September 14, and still in Monsummano Terme, 'Cioccolosità' in the month of February. Among the medieval feasts particularly interesting is the Palio of the districts which takes place in Pescia on the first Sunday of September.

Among the typical products of the Valdinievole, there are certainly Cialde di Montecatini, waffles made ​​with eggs and sugar ... absolutely unique and to taste! If you like the taste of anise, then taste the famous Brigidini of Lamporecchio similar to great crisps with a taste of anise. Do not miss the extra virgin olive oil and black pork.
For a wonderful holiday choose one of our villas for rent in Valdinievole. Contact our staff and ask us for more information.
Villa with pool near Pistoia, in Valdinievole. The villa is situated close to the famous thermal towns of Montecatini Terme and Monsummano Terme. Sleeps 9+2, swimming pool, Internet connection, air conditioning, toys for children. Tennis club, riding stable and golf club nearby.
7 days: min: 1335 € - max: 2865 €
Villa situated between Florence and Lucca, on the hills surrounding Montecatini Terme, in Valdinievole near Pistoia. 8 sleeping accommodations, swimming pool.
7 days: min: 1500 € - max: 2300 €
Holiday villa in Larciano (Pistoia), in Valdinievole. 18 sleeping accommodations, private swimming pool, panoramic view, barbecue, golf course and tennis courts in the neighbourhood.
7 days: min: 1000 € - max: 4000 €
Elegant ancient countryside villa dating back to the 19th century with 12/19 sleeping accommodations. The villa is in Serravalle Pistoiese, just a few kilometres from Pistoia, in the Valdinievole region. Exclusive use of garden and swimming pool; 20-hectare estate covered with vineyards and olive groves. Internet. The villa is fenced.
7 days: min: 3735 € - max: 5415 €
Beautiful villa in scenic location on a hill overlooking a valley in the province of Pistoia, near Montecatini Terme. Sleeps 8, swimming pool, Internet connection, air conditioning, wood-burning oven. Thermal baths and golf club nearby.
7 days: min: 2820 € - max: 4810 €
Villa situated between Lucca and Collodi, close to Pisa, the beaches of the Versilia and Valdinievole. 5/6 sleeping accommodations, exclusive use of the swimming pool, wide garden, Internet connection.
7 days: min: 990 € - max: 2250 €
Villa with pool in Valdinievole, at a close distance from the famous thermal town of Montecatini Terme (Pistoia). Sleeps 10+1, wide garden, whirlpool facilities, barbecue and small gym.
7 days: min: 1790 € - max: 2980 €
Luxury and elegant historic villa dating from the early 19th century. The villa is situated in Valdinievole, near Montecatini Terme (Pistoia). Situated in panoramic position, it offers a wonderful view of typical Tuscan countryside. Sleeps 10+2, wide garden, swimming pool, barbecue equipment, Internet connection.
7 days: min: 2445 € - max: 5425 €