Villas in Tuscany by cities

Uffizi - Ponte Vecchio
Florence : Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, mainly because of its fantastic historical centre and its richness in works of art. The municipal and Renaissance Florence is the most well-known; however, Florence is also rich in Etruscan and Roman finds. To visit Florence is to visit luxury clothes shops in its historical centre, important jeweler’s shops on the Ponte Vecchio, handicraft shops in the peculiar area of Oltrarno, open markets in Piazza Santo Spirito and San Lorenzo. Besides, Florence offers many pastimes: dance halls, bicycle lanes on its hills, cinemas, restaurants and ‘trattorie’ (typical restaurants where is possible to taste the typical Tuscan and Florentine cuisine). Our Agency has seat in Florence and it is able to offer a wide selection of villas located in Florence and in the surrounding countryside: villas with or without swimming pool, villas with fantastic panorama on the whole city of Florence, elegant apartments in villas in the historical centre of Florence or in farmhouse, historical medieval castles on the hills in the countryside around Florence, ancient restored farmhouses with private swimming pool for memorable relaxing holidays matched with pleasant visits of the Florentine historical centre … villas in Florence

Siena : The legend tells that Siena was founded in 700 B.C. by Aschio and Senio, sons of Remo, who fled in this area in order to escape from their uncle Romolo. Actually, the origins of the city are dubious: we only know that it was an Etruscan centre, like many other Tuscan cities. Siena is a medieval city which remained almost the same during the centuries: it is built with steep streets which unravel around Piazza del Campo. The medieval buildings which surround Piazza del Campo in Siena date back to the most prosperous period of the city (1260-1348) when the richest people of the city funded their construction. The famous fan-shaped Piazza del Campo is the heart of Siena. Siena is dislocated on three hills, in a big boundary wall, and is divided in 17 districts which every year, during summer, compete in the famous ‘Palio di Siena’. Besides, Siena is famous for the marvelous landscapes of its countryside and for the various little historical towns of its province such as Montalcino, San Gimignano, Pienza, Colle Val d’Elsa and Montepulciano. The countryside of Siena is full of various ancient farmhouses and little medieval castles. Many of these buildings have been restored by their owners in order to be rent to tourists who visit the beautiful countryside of Siena. Our Agency offers a wide selection of villas in the countryside of Siena, wisely restored in order to keep the originality of the ancient house … villas in Siena

Arezzo Arezzo is one of the richest cities of Tuscany thanks to its elegant production of goldsmith’s art which is exported all over the world. It is an historical medieval city which still have part of the old boundary walls. Arezzo is also famous for Piero della Francesca’s pictures and for its antique market which takes place the first days of every months in the historical centre. In the church of San Francesco (XVI century) there are the pictures of Piero della Francesca and the famous ‘Leggenda della Croce’ (1452-1466), an important masterpiece of the Renaissance. The folklore event ‘Festa del Sarcino’ attracts tourist from all over the world. On a hill near Arezzo there is Cortona, one of the most ancient cities of Tuscany. Cortona, Etruscan city, became very important in the Middle Age, when its power opposed to that of important cities like Arezzo and Siena. Nowadays, Cortona still has its medieval aspect with steep and winding streets. Our Agency offers various villas for rent in the countryside of Arezzo in order to spend pleasant relaxing holidays and to visit the historical centre of important cities such as Arezzo, Cortona, Sansepolcro, Anghiari, Monterchi, etc… We offer luxury villas with private swimming pool, castles in dominant position but also homely cheap villas situated in beautiful natural landscapes .....… villas in Arezzo

Pisa - Pisa, ancient maritime power (XI-XIII centuries), experienced a phase of economic and architectural expansion thanks to trades with Arab and with Spain. In that period were created important works of art like the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. In Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, every building lean because they don’t have deep basis and they are built on sandy soil. However, none of these buildings is leaning as the Tower. The construction of the Tower started in 1173 and it began to lean since the first years. Recent restorations has stopped the course of gradual inclination and recently it has been reopened to tourists. In Pisa the folklore event ‘Festa del Ponte’ is very famous and it attracts many tourists from all over the world. To rent a villa around Pisa can offer very pleasant and interesting holidays. Holidays in a villa with swimming pool offer you the possibility to spend days in the tranquility of countryside matched with days of interesting and pleasant visits in the historical centers of cities such as Pisa, Volterra, Lucca, San Miniato, Florence or in areas rich in beautiful natural landscapes such as Apuane, Garfagnana, Lunigiana, etc… Besides, our Agency offer you the possibility to rent villas, apartments in villas or ancient restored farmhouses located near the beaches of Versilia and the sea of Pisa ...… villas in Pisa

Lucca Lucca is a city near the sea which still keep the regular and typical grill plan of the ancient cities of the Roman Empire. Actually, Rome colonized Lucca in the 180 B.C. and the main place of Lucca (Piazza San Michele, the heart of the city) still keeps the typical elliptic shape of the Roman amphitheater. Lucca keeps the ancient boundary walls that today still represent the best example of ‘boundary walls of Renaissance’. Lucca is a very calm city where many inhabitants use bicycles to move and which is enclosed by a rich plain. Our Agency can offer you villas for rent in the countryside of Lucca. Villas and farmhouses for rent with or without swimming pool in order to spend relaxing holidays with the possibility to visit interesting and cultural historical centers such as Pisa, Lucca or Pistoia. For those who love ‘night life’, the close Versilia, with discos, cinemas and night events, can offer any kind of amusement …... villas in Lucca

Grosseto - Maremma Today, the Southern Tuscany which includes Grosseto and the Maremma is still an area quite unpolluted and visited by few tourists. This make the excursion of the Sovana’s tombs or a bath in the sulphurous waters of Saturnia or long walks in the woods or in the beaches of Maremma very pleasant. The area of Orbetello and Monte Argentario are more touristic and crowded. Grosseto is the biggest city of this area of Tuscany where is possible to see the ancient boundary walls of the XVI century. To rent a villa in this area of Tuscany can offer you relaxing holidays in the countryside of Maremma or under the sun along the beaches of Grosseto with one-day excursions in historical little towns such as Massa Marittima, Saturnia, Sovana and Pitigliano ...... villas in Grosseto